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APV Homogenizers - Continuing a tradition of excellence
The APV Homogenizer is continuing in the tradition of excellence established  by the renowned APV brands, Rannie and Gaulin. With a long history of  application expertise and product innovation, SPX delivers the latest  homogenizer technologies for the food, dairy, cosmetic, chemical, biotech, and  pharmaceutical applications.
SPX provides a vast range of equipment and services from a  single source. Exceptional design, precision engineering, and  quality manufacturing are all key components targeted at improving  your process profitability.
No matter what industry you're in, APV Rannie and APV Gaulin homogenizers can provide the right high-efficiency APV homogenizer to meet your requirements. With over a century of experience, SPX has the products and expertise to deliver the ideal configuration and installation. Whether you need models for laboratory, pilot plant, production scale or biotech applications, we bring extensive knowledge and dedication to satisfy your needs.




Rannie Three-Piece Valve Housing


Rannie Liquid End

A modular design consisting of a three-piece valve housing and individual cylinders
(3 or 5).
The three blocks around the pump valves are a very simple and clean design, which, together with the individual cylinders, allow for very high pressures.
  • Pressure range up to 1500 bar / 21750 psi
  • Available with poppet or ball valves in SS or Stellite
  • Hygienic design
  • Aseptic design
  • Spring-loaded inlet valves
  • Service friendly and flexible
    -pump valves easily repaired or replaced
    -reversible pump valve seats, easily repaired or replaced
The cylinders, tightened against the 3-piece valve housing with a single O-ring, contain the plunger packings and the plunger lubrication system.
  • Pressure range up to 1500 bar / 21750 psi
  • Single U-ring plunger packing
  • Service friendly
  • Plunger packings easily replaced
  • Easy to change into aseptic (double sealed) plunger lubrication system


Gaulin Mono-Block


Gaulin Liquid End

An integrated design of cylinders (3 or 5), pump valves, plunger lubrication and inlet/outlet in one block.
Access to plunger packings and pump valves through front and top caps.
  • Pressure range up to 600 bar / 8700 psi
  • Available with poppet or ball valves
  • Hygienic design
  • Aseptic design
  • Pump valve seats in Stellite
  • Spring-loaded, stacked V-ring plunger packings
  • Service friendly design
    - pump valve seats can be repaired or replaced
    - pump valves easily repaired or replaced
    - plunger packings easily replaced


LAB Size HOMOGENISER (APV 1000 / APV 2000)