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Johnson Pump brand - Production Plants

Johnson Pump brand products are manufactured by five companies around the world. They are all specialised in development and manufacturing of specific pump ranges / series.

In the Belgian factory they manufacture a complete range of internal gear pumps, both in stainless steel and cast iron.


The Indian factory manufactures components for the European factories as well as gear and centrifugal pumps for local markets.

The Netherlands
Centrifugal pumps are manufactured in the Dutch factory. Pumps as multistage pumps, self-priming pumps, mag drive pumps, submersible pumps.

In Sweden all flexible impeller pumps are manufactured both for marine and industrial use. Rotary lobe is also a Swedish product.

The production plant in Chicago is focused on marine pumps such as submersible bilge pumps, water pressure system pumps, macerator pumps.


The Johnson Pump product line includes: 

IndustryCentrifugal Pumps.
Positive Displacement Pumps; Lobe Pumps, Gear Pumps, Flexible Impeller Pumps,
AODD Pumps, Filters
HorticultureCirculation Pumps, Accessories & Spare Parts
MarineImpeller Pumps, Bilge Pumps, Engine Cooling Pumps, Circulation Pumps, Lavatory Systems, Refueling & Water system

Partial list of Large user / Consultant Approval for JOHNSON Pumps (2.7 MB)